MMJ on the Ballot

A recent signature drive in the “Gem State” was just the beginning and groups like Compassionate Idaho are prepping for the big 2014 ballot campaign. There is even a medical marijuana push in Texas, a state where nearby patients are receiving years of jail time for simply driving through with their medicine. Seventeen states, along with Washington D.C., currently have medical marijuana laws with varying levels of advantageousness for patients’ accessibility. And there are possibly seven more, with the pending voter approvals this November in states such as Arkansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We are almost halfway there. Marijuana’s nationwide approval rating is nearing the average approval rating of a president running for re-election and, if every 2012 MMJ initiative passes, those states with MMJ combined would have enough Electoral College votes (292) to choose their own president. Imagine the possibilities. Our presidential candidates will soon be forced to confront the issue of cannabis legalization instead of brushing it out of their face like a pestering saccadic fruit fly. [Continue reading]

The Feds Are in Denial About Marijuana

In light of recent referendums in the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington which have legalized marijuana, could the drug war be headed for a serious meltdown? Such a notion would have been unthinkable just a short while ago, but there is no … [Continue reading]

Pot Patient Wins Custody Case

In overturning a Los Angeles Superior Court ruling against the plaintiff, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, the Appellate Court said the ‘mere usage of drugs,’ including marijuana, is not the same as substance abuse that … [Continue reading]

Criminalizing the Cure

Stoners and cannabis advocates around the country are excited about I-502, Washington state’s new law legalizing marijuana, coming into effect last Thursday, but the law and its implementation has some unlikely opponents: medical users of marijuana … [Continue reading]

Alright 420 World Election Day 2012 Is Upon Us

 The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting.-- Charles Bukowski  Alright 420 world Election Day 2012 is upon us, with … [Continue reading]

Former WR Jabar Gaffney suspended 2 games & LB Jason Trusnik signs 2-year extension

Tuesday, the Dolphins surprisingly waived 11-year Jabar Gaffney seven weeks after signing him to be their No. 3 receiver. The move was viewed as a sign that the Dolphins are pleased with the progress of young receivers Marlon Moore and Rishard … [Continue reading]

Medical marijuana proponents in New York renew push for legalization

  Medical marijuana could feel the pain of New York’s budget crunch.Proponents of pot as a medicine have renewed their push for legalization, arguing that licensing fees and taxes could generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year in new revenues … [Continue reading]

No Weed Pass in Amsterdam

BREAKING NEWS! The weed pass... Most of you probably heard about it already. The weed pass is a legal monstrosity that has been in operation since may 1st 2012 in the South of Holland. Because of the introduction of the weed pass it was impossible … [Continue reading]

Mexican Competitiveness Institute Reports On …

"That choice will lead to a loss of $1.425 billion to the cartels if Colorado legalizes, $1.372 billion if Washington approves the ballot measure, and $1.839 billion if Oregon votes yes, the study says." A recent study publicized by the highly … [Continue reading]

Unanimous landmark decision in San Diego dispensary case

California's Fourth District Court of Appeal for California issued a unanimous ruling Oct. 24 in a landmark medical marijuana case that reverses the conviction of San Diego dispensary operator Jovan Jackson, convicted in September 2010 after being … [Continue reading]